Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome back to The Bossy One's ultimate Holiday Guide! In case you missed it, this month The Bossy One is all about how to navigate the holiday season at work. Last week we featured a holiday party lookbook. Check it out here

Today let's talk about gift giving. Finding the perfect gift for your co-workers is a tricky feat! While you're almost always safe bringing a bottle of wine, it's nice to step up your gift giving game during the holiday season.

Here are six unique gifts - at a variety of price points - that you can use to wow your co-workers over the holiday season.

1. Subscription Box

A subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving all year round. There's a huge range of boxes specializing in everything from style to coffee to pets to stationery. Check out a list of subscription boxes available in Canada here

Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly box that offers a nice mix of beauty, style and fitness products for women. Boxes include things like scarves, cosmetics, beauty products and novelty items (think popsicle moulds and cute umbrellas). 

SprezzaBox makes a monthly box specifically tailored for male professionals that's a great option for the style-conscious man at your office (I'm waiting with baited breath for a female equivalent). Boxes include things like socks, ties, grooming products and lapel pins. 

2. Homemade Preserves

Treat your co-workers to a delicious jar of homemade preserves. My favourite canned treat is crockpot applesauce and, believe it or not, it's super quick to whip up! You can literally make it while you are at the office. Just follow this easy recipe (it only has three ingredients!), set your crockpot before you leave in the morning and you'll come home to a delicious batch of yummy applesauce. 

This is a great gift if you are short on time and short on money. Pick up mason jars, twine and ribbon at the dollar store and get crafty with your presentation. Pinecones, cinnamon sticks and little christmas ornaments are a great way to personalize your jars. 

Have a bit more time and talent in the kitchen? Jams, salsas and other preserves also make great gifts. Cookies and fudge are another surefire hit!

3. Pretty Office Supplies

Pretty office supplies and stationery are one of my favourite gifts to give and receive. It's such a lovely way to infuse a little style into your workspace. Notebooks, file folders, pens, staplers, sticky notes - you name it, someone has bedazzled it. 

SHPplanners is a great Vancouver-based company that makes customizable day planners in a host of colours, patterns and layouts. I have been ordering my day planners from this store for two years and really love their products. Their prices are affordable, shipping is reasonable and you can customize the inside and outside of the planner to fit your colleague's preferences. 

Indigo also has a great selection of office organization and stationary items (find them here), including a line designed by Kate Spade. My personal favourite is their expandable file folders. They are practical, stylish and feature some really fun quotes.  

4. Flower Subscription

Give the gift of flower power! Flower subscription services allow you to get fresh seasonal flowers delivered to the office on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Subscriptions can be tailored to taste and price point, and can be ordered in a matter of minutes online. They also make a great group gift for the whole office to enjoy. 

If you're located in Toronto, check out Botany Floral Studio's customizable subscription service or Flowers in the Box's three month subscription for a variety of packages, arrangements and styles. 

5. Fancy Coffee or Tea

Caffeine makes the (business) world go 'round. Grab a fancy brew to spice up your colleague's morning. There are more tea and coffee shops than you can shake a stick at, so this is a great gift if you're in a hurry.

For a seasonal brew, try Cardamom French Toast tea or North African Mint tea from David's Tea. If your colleague is a coffee fiend, look up local coffee spots and buy her or him a bag of luxury beans. If you're in the Toronto area, check out this great list of coffee roasters from blogTO. 

6. Books

In this digital age, there is something wonderful about getting a book. Flipping through the pages, smelling that weird book smell, settling into a story over the just can't be beat. 

If you know that your colleague has an interest in a particular topic or hobby, get them a book (or a fancy magazine) on that subject. Maybe they mentioned their favourite artist, they are an avid cyclist, they love stand up comedy or they always have a cool trip on the horizon. A book is a thoughtful way to show someone that you were paying attention. 

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There you have it - time to go shopping! Let me know your holiday gift ideas in the comments below and don't forget to click the "like" button and subscribe if you enjoyed this post. Happy holidays #bossyones.

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