Hello #bossyones! It’s been a while! How are you?! 

The past few months have been crazy! Between work, my best friend’s wedding (#bossyone Alex Popoff, remember her?) and moving apartments, I have been a busy 🐝 . Phew! 

I am so excited to get back to blogging, so let’s jump right in. Today we're talking about pantyhose. Because - let’s be honest - as far as clothing goes, pantyhose are pretty weird.

Sheer stockings have been a fixture of women’s fashion since their invention in the early twentieth century and, until recently, pantyhose were considered a necessity in formal business environments. According to a 2015 New York Times article “The Politics of Pantyhose”, sheer hosiery has been in decline since 1995, but (at least in the corporate world) the debate over pantyhose lingers.

Much like quicksand and Komodo dragons, pantyhose proved to be less of an outright issue than my younger self had anticipated.

When I first started law school, I was advised by career services to always wear pantyhose to job interviews. A year later, I had a lively debate over the merits of pantyhose and other more conservative elements of women’s business attire with my all-female moot team after we were advised to dress conservatively (the word "masculinely" was even thrown around) in order to be taken more seriously. Pantyhose, it seemed, were still part of a business-formal dress code. 

Once I entered the workforce, it became apparent that the politics of pantyhose varied significantly from person to person, firm to firm. My female friends reported different levels of strictness when it came to their office dress codes. As it turned out, the office where I worked was on the casual end of the spectrum. Much like quicksand and Komodo dragons, pantyhose proved to be less of an outright issue than my younger self had anticipated.

In an effort to determine whether a pantyhose-free existence was a matter of personal preference or general acceptance in 2017, I quizzed my friends and colleagues and took to social media to ask other #bossyones their thoughts. As it turns out, it depends:

It seems that in this day and age women are taking a practical approach to pantyhose. Most of the pantyhose-wearing women who I spoke to, wear them reasons like added winter warmth or to prevent chaffing (amen 🙌). #Bossyones let their pantyhose do the heavy lifting. 

Personally, my pantyhose-free existence is for both practical and ideological reasons. Firstly, I find the thought of covering my legs with sheer, leg-coloured fabric for the sake of decorum inherently ridiculous. Practically, I find sheer pantyhose uncomfortable and expensive. I can't seem to make it through the day without getting a run and then I end up in the pantyhose aisle of Shoppers Drug Mart on my lunch. Not a cute look. 

It seems like the age of professional pantyhose has given way to a new era of practical pantyhose wearers, who opt in or out of their hosiery depending on whether it suits their needs. I'm into it. 

What do you think? Do you wear pantyhose to work and, if so, is it for professional or practical reasons? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!

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